Michael Wilson is a former player of the Harlem Globetrotters and the University of Memphis, also known as 'Wild Thing'.

Wilson holds the world record for the highest dunk. On April 1, 2000, Wilson dunked a basketball on a goal set at 3.65m (12 feet) from the floor. However, Wilt Chamberlain was also known to have performed the feat on an experimental basket set up by Phog Allen at the University of Kansas in the 1950s . Chamberlain, unlike Wilson, did not have the advantage of being given an alley oop.

Michael Wilson played high school basketball at Melrose High School in Memphis, Tennessee. The Texarkana Gazette reported that he had a 52-inch vertical leap.

Wilson is the former Director of Headfirst Basketball.

He is now founder and CEO of World Record Basketball.

Wilson is married to WTTG Reporter/Anchor Allyson Wilson. They have 2 children.

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