Henry "Moe" Iba (born: May 31, 1939 ) is an American Basketball coach. He is best known for coaching the University of Memphis from 1966-1970, the University of Nebraska from 1981-1986 and Texas Christian University from 1986-1994.

His father was Hank Iba, the legendary Oklahoma State University coach who developed the Motion offense.

Iba graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1962.

Texas WesternEdit

During the 1965-1966, Basketball season, Iba was an assistant coach for Don Haskins at Texas Western. Texas Western won the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship.

This achievement was depicted in the film Glory Road (film) and Iba was portrayed on screen by Evan Jones (actor).

Career recordEdit

  • Texas Christian (1987-1994) 96-108 (0.471)
  • Nebraska (1980-1986) 106-71 (0.599)
  • Memphis (1966-1970) 37-65 (0.363)

Overall: 3 teams, 17 seasons, 239-244 (0.495)

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